Omega 3 Power

Omega 3 Power

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Ingredients: chicken heart, wild mackerel, wheat flour, fresh carrot, fresh sweet potato, coconut cream.

Omega fatty acids are essential and have to be provided in the food. Due to common storage issues of pet foods, these valuable fatty acids can get lost and hence should be supplemented.
Our feeding supplement contains omega-3 fatty acids derived from fresh wild Pacific mackerel and borage oil. Omega-3 fatty acids have various crucial functions in the body, as they are structural components of the cell membranes and important for the cell metabolism. Besides, they have anti-inflammatory effects and benefit a healthy skin and coat. Our product contains EPA and DHA omega-3 fatty acids and can be supplemented daily as a treat or mixed with regular meals.
Suggested feeding is 2-4 pieces per day, depending on your dog’s needs.

Sheflife: 18 months

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