Minty Breath

Minty Breath

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Digestive disturbances, such as gas formation or inflammation in the mouth, can cause bad breath in dogs. Pawsome’s Minty Breath contains selected ingredients that help improve this conditions with their anti-inflammatory and detoxifying properties. Ginger has anti-inflammatory powers and supports a healthy digestive system. Chlorella has the highest chlorophyll content of all plants, which helps the cleansing of the body and a healthy intestinal flora. It facilitates the detoxication process and supports the natural resistance of the stomach and intestines. Parsley and peppermint both create a fresh breath and are known for their positive effects on the digestive tract. Parsley is rich in vitamin C, which strengthens the immune system; besides it increases the flushing of the kidneys. Peppermint has an overall beneficial effect on the gastrointestinal organs and helps especially with flatulence and stomach cramps.

Suggested feeding is 2-4 pieces per day, depending on your dog’s needs.

Shelf life: 18 month’s

China wide delivery.