Natural New Zealand Green Lipped Mussel

Natural New Zealand Green Lipped Mussel

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Nature’s nutritional support for your animal’s joints!

Pawsome is proud to be the first provider in China of Green Lipped Mussel Powder (GLMP). Our new dietary supplement is available now in 100 gram bottles, offering the highest quality human grade mussel powder directly imported from New Zealand. Our product does not contain any fillers, colorants, preservatives or other additives and is kept in its natural and best bioavailable way.

Green Lipped Mussel Powder is very rich in Glycosaminoglycans, the aminoacid Glutamine, Omega-3 fattyacids DHA and EPA, several minerals (e.g. zinc, copper, manganese) andantioxidantslike Vitamin E and C. Numerous clinical trials worldwide have proven the efficacy of GLM on joint health for humans as well as animals.

In case of joint overload, high physical activity, during fast-growing or at old age, feeding Green Lipped Mussel powder may be useful to provide the joints with necessary nutrients.

Our tip for cat owners:
Besides its benefits for your feline’s joint health, Pawsome Green Lipped Mussel Powder is a natural source of Taurine, which is essential for your cat. You can easily supplement natural Taurine by adding Pawsome Green Lipped Mussel Powder to your cat’s food if needed.