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Your pooch’s Pawsome meals have been served!

Monthly Meal Plan, delivered once per week on the day of your choosing. Please kindly use the sliders below to adjust the meals to your dog’s taste preferences.

May I inquire about the size of your pooch?

For a pooch this size we will serve {{ size }} × 350g meals for 4 weeks.

* Please note that each dog has to be calculated separately! It is not possible to add up your dogs weights if you have more than one pet as this would lead to incorrect nutritional demand calculations. Nutritional demand is based on body mass per individual animal and combining two or more dogs into one meal plan would falsify the system's demand calculations. Besides, the free present and complimentary treats are also calculated per one dog only.

Would you like to have a FULL plan or HALF plan?

Our Meal Plans have been calculated according to your dog’s personal daily nutritional needs. They are based on the body weight information you provided above for your adult healthy dog.

Our FULL Meal Plan is designed for you to feed Pawsome fresh meals only. No additional meals (e.g. commercial pet food, home cooked food, etc.) needs to be provided.

Our HALF Meal Plan is designed for you to feed a combination diet of commercial pet food and fresh Pawsome meals. The HALF Meal Plan covers half of your dog’s daily nutritional needs, the rest has to be provided by your chosen commercial pet food.

Customized Meal Plans are available for dogs with health conditions, puppies and cats! If you have an animal that needs nutritional support to overcome sickness or to control a certain health condition, or if you are not sure whether your pet’s condition falls under such case, please contact us! We will be happy to reply your requests within 24-48 hrs.

Many of our clients prefer the convenience of paying 3, 6 or 12 months ahead, so we have prepared 1 free week of fresh pawsome meals for every 3 months prepaid, 2 free weeks of fresh pawsome meals for every 6 months prepaid, and 5 free weeks of fresh pawsome meals for every 12 months prepaid, to express our appreciation.

Which day would you prefer to receive the meals?

When shall we start?

We can deliver once per week, once every two weeks, or once every four weeks:

Our Meal Deals all include free delivery to your home. Each delivery will arrive weekly on your chosen day of the week.

Our meals have been developed by co-founder and German animal nutritionist Karolina Weiss. Any questions about our meals please don't hesitate to contact us.

What kind of main meat source does your pooch kindly prefer?


/ month

/ month

/ month

/ month
We strongly recommend feeding a variety of meats to ensure healthy balance of nutrients for your pooch.

Each monthly meal plan comes with a high quality present that our team handpicks for you, as well as a selection of complementary treats that you can choose from below:

Herbal Chicken Jerky Treat
¥45.00 FREE
Minty Breath
¥26.00 FREE
Omega 3 Power
¥32.00 FREE
Vegetarian Love biscuit
¥39.00 FREE
Herbal Free Range Duck Jerky
¥45.00 FREE
Bovine Ear (naturally dried)
¥10.00 FREE

Very well! That will be ¥{{ price }} +{{ bonus_weeks }} WEEKS FREE


What do other customers think about our Meal Plans?

Since he arrived to us, Chewie was very picky! He wasn't willing to eat his kibble! Before the surgery, with the blood tests we detected anemia, and he still needed to get to the minimum weight of 1kg! So our thoughts where on natural food. With Pawsome we found the solution to all those problems! A natural food that he loved to eat, it has all the nutritional values necessary to get him healthy, and also get some body weight with no fat. It was perfect! Chewie has been eating natural food since 4 months old. We started Pawsome meals when he was 6. Testing and adjusting the food to his needs and preferences. And there were significant changes!! Specially in his fur! It is growing healthy, shiny and soft! Plus his body weight is consistent now. Since we started Pawsome meals his blood tests are all normal, his red cells reached a normal level and he is healthier than ever! I also believed that the natural and balanced food was a key factor for his fast and successful recovery from the surgery!

— Chewie & Paula

We choose Pawsome for Paddy’s meals as they are made fresh and nutritious with all the essentials needed for a complete meal. Kibble was the staple until we started using Pawsome and since then no looking back. Meals are customised and any medical conditions are factored in by your pet nutritionist. Franziska and Karo are extremely helpful and having Pawsome in Shanghai is a blessing!

— Paddy & Lester


Frozen and normal shipments disclaimer:
The above Meal Plans are for adult healthy dogs only!
Please note, that the day of delivery you choose will be the day we will deliver weekly throughout the month, for changes of delivery days please contact us 3 days in advance.
Pawsome takes no responsibility for packages that cannot be delivered if delivery company calls but cannot reach the client; Pawsome takes no responsibility for addresses that are provided incorrectly from client and delivery company cannot deliver to the given address; Pawsome takes no responsibility if clients have communicated with the delivery person to leave packages outside doors etc. and not deliver hand to hand. If you're going on holiday and aren't available for a meal delivery please let us know 3 days in advance for rescheduling. If anything happens to such parcels or its content Pawsome cannot take responsibility.