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Delivered once per week on the day of your choosing. Please kindly use the sliders below to adjust the meals to your pooch's liking.

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up to 10 kg
12 meals (free shipping)
11-25 kg
27 meals (free shipping)
26-40 kg
42 meals (free shipping)
4 weeks
4 weeks
4 weeks

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Our Meal Deals all include free delivery to your home. The total amount of meals will be split over 4 deliveries, each delivery will arrive weekly on your chosen day of the week.

Please note that our standard meal plans are designed for you to feed a combination diet of commercial and fresh pawsome meals. If you are interested to switch to fresh Pawsome meals completely please contact us and we will customize the meal plan according to your dog's nutritional requirements.

Our meals have been developed by co-founder and German nutritionist Karolina Weiss. Any questions about our meals please don't hesitate to contact us.

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Please make sure you provide an accurate mobile contact for the delivery service. Please ensure you're available to receive goods as Pawsome will not take responsibility for items that cannot be delivered to you. If you're going on holiday and aren't available for a meal delivery please let us know 3 days in advance for rescheduling. Please note, that the day of delivery you choose will be the day we will deliver weekly throughout the month, for changes of delivery days please contact us 3 days in advance.